The Double Deluxe

Upsize the comfort – more space, Queen-size luxury!
With room for four, The Double Deluxe Room is perfect for a group weekend
away from it all. There’s room enough for everyone, and easy access (ground
level) to Umbrellas (the courtyard) and the rest of the grounds, with an
almost straight line to the swimming pool area.

• 2 Queen-size beds
• Full-stall shower with variable-speed, hand-held flexible shower
• Verandah with garden view and seating
• Air Conditioning
• 55-inch UHD Display with multi-channel cable TV
• WiFi/Internet
• Fridge, Kettle /Coffee/Tea Service
• Complimentary Soaps, Shampoo and Conditioner
Sleeps: 2-4
Availability: 5 rooms


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